Fendi is one of those fashion houses that always presents a beautiful collection; the craftsmanship is never in doubt and with Lagerfeld at the helm we know there will be new ideas, new designs, new wonders to revel in. In a collision of the old and the new, the collection was reimagined within a youthful context, reinforced by fashion's brightest young thing, Cara D, opening the show in a slashed orchid motif dress.

The focus of this collection was movement; strips slashed to give the illusion of speed, slits cut high to create the flow of fabric, feather detailing which bounced as it moved. The Italian element was here as well, most evidently so with the gladiator style shoes and skirts. The feathered dresses in particular will be the favourites of those young things Largerfeld is pitching at. Red carpets at the ready. 

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