Kane's inspiration for his SS14 collection was 'sterilized flowers', a theme which evolved throughout the collection with startling complexity. First came a set of pieces with teardrop petal shapes cut out and pinned into the material, then floral prints and sweaters emblazoned with the word 'flower'. The dresses here were more wearable than usual, more feminine, more flirty, more fun. Three dresses in crisp white cut across with mint green were spot on summer cocktail dressing; they also continued the dominant white palette we've seen this season. 

However Kane is nothing if not an innovator. It's impossible to watch one of his shows without expecting to see something new, fresh and exciting. Here we received a set of looks in shimmery foil material which frayed round the edges and marbled colours; the interesting part is in watching how the clothes move. The core Spring Summer basics were here; white, florals, sheer panelling etc. But Kane reworked and redeveloped them in new ways, once again putting himself at the forefront of the fashion pack. 



Duo Peter Pilotto and Christopher de Vos never shy away from a bold print, however there was something bolder about the Pilotto woman that was sent down the runway this season. Materials evolved through this collection with the ever present prints being newly engineered over layers of lace. Furthermore the clean lines of previous seasons were replaced by big shapes; a-line skirts, boxy sleeves and multi-layered jackets. The colour palette broke into newly neon territory, opening with a series of perfectly captured green looks which evolved into blue, then to pink and finally into orange. 

Pilotto's digital dexterity has always been their calling card and their strength lies within pushing their clothes into new territories. We saw it here; geometric, sharp lined sweaters layered over organza, laser printed floral skirts which encompassed a whole range of colour. The Pilotto woman has always been bold, but the SS14 woman is carrying a new kind of strength. It's exciting to see the brand pushing into new territory, especially after rising so fast through the London fashion ranks. The new sights at Pilotto were a reminder to even the best that creativity and innovation can always boost the brand.


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Street Style is always a big moment for bloggers and the fashion crowd when fashion week rolls around. This season the thing that has caught my eye is the bags being paraded before the cameras. From Burberry's heart clutches to the furry Proenzas the arm candy has been out in full force this season. Plus, how fierce is Hanne?



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A few weeks ago (back in the distant memory of sunny August) I went to Kefalonia for my cousin's wedding. I've been to Kefalonia once before, and, knowing what a beautiful island it is, was beyond excited to go back. Located in the Ionian to the west of the Greek mainland, Kefalonia and neighbouring Ithaca are steeped in history and bathed in glorious sunshine day upon day. The wedding, complete with Greek traditions, took place on the beach at sunset and was utterly stunning! A week on this beautiful island never seems enough but it was a beautifully relaxing week amongst the balmy atmosphere of the locals. I would definitely recommend a visit to Kefalonia to anyone.