Travel Style



Wearing: Marks & Spencer coat, Topshop Snood, ASOS body, Gap shorts, Zara belt, Topshop tights, Topshop ballet pumps, Vintage bag.

So I'm home from uni for the weekend, which means I have access to a proper camera (thanks Daddddy) and also I get to use my giant bag! Thought I would share my travel outfit with you all. I love this bag because it's so practical for travelling, and I hate dragging suitcases around. This coat is actually my Mum's but she never wears it anymore so I have stolen it and it's the cosiest thing ever. I've recently rediscovered my love of denim shorts (someone outbid me for some perfect Topshop ones earlier on eBay and I've been in a grump about it all day) and thought I would pair them with with Asos body and one of Topshop's chunky snoods.
What have you guys been up to this week/end? So far my weekend has just consisted of eating, sending CVs to hundreds of people, keeping up with fashion shows and sleeping. Pretty perfect right now (bar the CV part)

Oh and yes, that is a backwards clock. Too cool, right? xxx


  1. Lovely outfit perfect for travelling! It sounds like you've had a busy weekend...I personally hate sending out CV's it's the bane of my life especially when there's bugger all jobs out there! p.s your clock is pretty darn spectacular

  2. Thank you :) Me too, I'm never going to hear back from any of them. Haha, thank you, it kind of is, but it tocks SO LOUD! xxx