For fall, Acne creative director Jonny Johansson gave us a collection which ultimately left one impression; Acne have joined the ranks of the big fashion players.

The silhouettes of the collection were varied; loose in one place, fitted in another, and at times architectural; Johansson’s inspiration was the photographer André Kertész. The first few looks featured coats which bounced out from the shoulders, holding the arms away from the body. Several trousers looked like they were made out of several parts but turned out to be one whole garment.

Again we saw wide belts which helped to taper the wide shapes. Most impressively, Johansson bravely used highlighter colours on several pieces; bright orange jackets, yellow blouses and electric green sweaters featured. But my favourite looks came in the other colours; a burgundy tweed jacket with an orange belt, a mint green coat and a blue leather perforated dress cut very architecturally at the hems.

Acne as a more underground brand has always been popular with fashionistas, and especially in street style. It will be interesting to see how this collection is interpreted by the crowd.






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