Zara Love

(Firstly, pink on pink, with a blouse that had a metal tipped collar handy for spiking people who get too close for comfort. I'm upset that this didn't clash more.)

So I had about an hour to kill before work today and here is the long and short of what I did. I hit Zara as it opened, annoyed the shop assistants by looking through clothes she'd just sorted and then hung out in the changing rooms. It consisted mainly of pleats, peplums and pvc shoes that squish squash my feet. I realise I'm rather late on the whole pleated skirt phenomenon, but I really don't care, I'm having my pleat moment now and that's that.
Peplums over pleats (hell maybe I might find a peplum pleat) then peplums over minis. All seasoned with awkward posing and bad lighting.
PVC trim court shoes. Hurt like hell but what heels are comfortable? Plus just LOOK AT THEM. You want them huh?

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