French Fancy


So I've been meaning to visit The Kooples site for a while now and yesterday I finally got around to it. The ice cool French label, based on the advertising campaign featuring ridiculously attractive couples (Kooples, get it?) is, as my mother would say 'the hip new thing'. They've got an Aubin & Wills vibe about them, and their current collection is pastel heavy, interspersed with the always present black. Their department in Selfridges is notably large (for a single non-high fashion label) and notably chic as well; I felt under dressed just walking through it.

After hitting up the website and mentally spending about £2,000 I picked my favourites. Gold trim blazer (looks crazy right?), Printed shirt with bow (I refuse to let the term 'pussybow' float, eugh), Zip Tank in Lemon (it also comes in about ten other colours), Peter Pan Collar Blouse, Khaki Parka, Pleated Shorts (ice cream perfection + pleats = itmustbelove), Tailored Shorts, Gathered Waist Skirt.

the kooples

So do yourselves and ice cream flavour, and check out the Kooples. You'll be as fly as a French lady in no time.