Miss Highlighter

Acid Yellow

Dress: Topshop / Sandals: Zara / Clutch: Jimmy Choo

Anyone fancy an Acid Yellow night out? Thought you did.

Saw this dress up on Topshop this morning and it got me to thinking how I'm always drawn to clothes/accessories that other people find grim. Honestly, I actually have the thought process 'That's ugly, I love it'.

Exhibit 1: Highlighter Yellow.

Skating over the fact that Acne did highlighter colours for Fall and they were well received (ipso facto, they're not so radical right now), I would willingly wear this colour at any time of year, regardless if it was on trend or not. It's just so eye-poppingly-disgustingly-bright that you can't ignore it; it might not love you but let's face it, you love it.

So let's just go overboard and do it head to toe. Yellow that is. I for one bet you would catch some eyes (and gag reflexes) in this ensemble.

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