Sunshine Colour


So it would appear that I have recently developed a slight penchant for yellow. When I say slight I mean obsessive and when I say yellow, I don't mean those lemon shades that the pastel trend is shovelling on us. No. I mean the canary yellow, neon bright, glow in the dark, hurts your eyes to look at, nauseating kind of yellow. As seen above.

See, point example explain. Just like we did in school.

This all started about two weeks ago when I stumbled (literally, it was 9am and I was barely functioning) across a tweed jacket in just such an electric hue. It was tweed (tick) and it had zippers at the waist, meaning you could unzip it and have it flapping around like it was real Helmut Lang (tick tick). It was also from Zara (massive high street friendly tick) meaning it won't cost £500+ like all the other yellow zipped Helmut Lang style jackets you're likely to come across. So that's a happy dance due right there.

Also, if you're anything like me, pairing this with black and having the effect of looking like a giant bumble bee will actually be a plus. If anyone asks, just tell them 'No, it's not fancy dress'. Buzzz.

Just incase anyone was wondering, or happened to share my addiction to the brightest colour in the spectrum...

Shoes Zara, Top Helmut Lang, Dress Topshop, Dress Giambastitta Valli, Shoes Charlotte Olympia, Bag Stella McCartney, Rainmac Mulberry, Pouch Victoria Beckham, Blazer Zara and Skirt Giambastitta Valli.

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