Wishing On A Star


Hey lovelies :) It was my birthday yesterday (ahh I'm 20 and feeling grown up) and as always, this prompted a look online for things to buy with my lovely birthday pennies. Unfortunately I made the minstake of clicking on net-a-porter, from which I will never be able to afford anything, but still.
I've never been a lover of red (my hair and skin tone just won't work with it) but this DAY Birger et Mikkelsen dress is really lovely and perfect for summer.
I also spotted these tattered jean shorts (my summer staple) from my favourite denim brand, Ksubi, and actually am considering saving up to buy them - is £150 for shorts a little too crazy?
Altuzzura has got some really eye-watering prints hanging around at the moment, including a blazer and this perforated print skirt.
Next up, everyone's new crush The Kooples; despite the pictures on their website distorting the shape of the clothes, I still had to upload this zip vest which is just SO perfect for days like today (yes yes, the sun is finally out).
And we're in that winter/spring transition when I shouldn't want to buy another sweater, but Rag & Bone will always have my heart.
Then on the the stuff I can actually afford....a Croc metal bar clutch from Topshop (where else), and a scarf print bandeau top - I love this but I have no idea how to style is (getting my stomach out is a huge no no).

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!
Loes x

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