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Topshop have launched their Limited Edition collection for Spring and I quite like it. Usually if I want dresses for parties or weddings then French Connection is my go to, but these dresses are much better than Topshop's previous offerings. The first dress looks very French Connectionesque anyway and I love the other four dresses because they're a little different from what Topshop would usually make; the second dress is a sheer organza shift which looks Christopher Kane inspired (extra brownie points for that), and the third one would be a very girly dress if it wasn't toughened up by the zippers. The fourth made me think of Proenza Schouler's Spring 2009 collection where we saw the sporty-chic tank colour block dresses; I'm also a sucker for black on a party dress. Lastly my favourite dress, mainly because of the colour (who doesn't love acid yellow) but also because it's silk.

Example Dresses

What do you think of Topshop's Limited Edition dresses for Spring?

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