Print Downstairs


Topshop, Proenza Schouler, Dolce & Gabbana, Warehouse, Altuzzura, Stella McCartney.

I'm having a moment from printed trousers right now (or pants if you're Americano. Printed Pants has a better ring to it anyway, hmmm?). These ones above are a few of the best I've seen, especially the Altuzurra & McCartney ones (first a jungle, and then pyjamas in the daytime, what more could you want?). The Topshop (Peter Pilotto's kaleidoscope prints anyone?) and Warehouse ones are a good bet and are handy for those with the tight purse strings (*cough* *me*) as they're not too pricey. May actually have to invest in these, and then decide if I am going to be ballsyyyy enough to wear them.

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