The Weekend

We're redecorating the bathroom, so me and my Dad went colour hunting this weekend. We went to this really cute farmhouse out in the country that does all old-style bathroom and kitchens. I now have my heart set on getting an Aga, becoming a country housewife, and learning to bake some amazing cakes. I took the colour swatches because I have an real obsession with them (I just can't explain it).


I got the new Jack Wills almanac through the door, and nearly massacred my bank account as a result. I spent some considerable time convincing myself that I don't need any of this new Jack Wills stuff, despite wanting those two looks in the middle more than life itself.


Found my blue masquerade mask that I got from Venice. I have my Geography Ball coming up with a Masquerade Theme...now just to find a dress. Oh, and to fix the ribbon on it, as it currently won't stay on my head.


Went for a Costa breakfast date with my friend Kim. Such a relaxing start to Monday morning, despite having to get up at 8am for it.


And then went through some old family photos...wasn't I a cutie?


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