So I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas, ate too much turkey and watched too much television. I was annoyed because I missed two things I wanted to watch (Madagascar 2 and The Gruffalo's Child - yes I have the mentality of a ten year old) but my Mum cooked one of the best Christmas dinners I've ever eaten, with all the trimmings, and the most perfect roast parsnips that I've ever tasted so I was appeased; I ate so many that it was actually a task to get up from the table. My Uncle also bought us some vintage red wine, and made us Cassis Royale which we had with our meal, and it was lovely. I was a little tipsy, I must admit.






Presentwise, I got a Cath Kidston laptop case which is so snug inside for my VAIO, Chance by Chanel perfume which makes me smell regal even though I'm far from it, lots of make up, a Topshop Beanie Hat, a new purse courtesy of River Island, and LOTS of books. This means that I have to revive my adoration of reading...one that I have lost since I went to university and got piled under with academic reading. My lovely brother bought me lots of fashion related books, including Nina Garcia's What To Wear For Every Occasion, 100 Years of Fashion Illustration, 100 Ideas That Changed Fashion and more. But my favourite one by a mile was a book that gives step by step guides to creating fashion drawings. I started right at the beginning (good place to start methinks), and drew some eyes and facial features. I was pretty happy with them actually, as for once they looked like eyes at least.







Last but never least...what did I wear? About 4 different outfits actually as I kept getting changed, but in the end I settled on my rasberry Topshop jeans, sheer chiffon Topshop shirt and just for the sake of these photos, my M&S black cloche hat.



Hope you all had a very peaceful Christmas!

Loes x

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