I Know It's Cold But...

(Shirt, Shorts, Bangle from Topshop, Shoes New Look, Earrings Boutique in London?)

I really hate wearing tights, even in the depths of winter when it's really criminal to wear shorts without them. But these shorts happen to be leather (which means they're already warm) and brown (and I don't own any tights other than black), so I opted to make an outfit and then not actually wear it outside. I wore this back in the Summer and realised the shorts were too hot for Summer and too cold for Winter, so they're a pain the bum really, but I love them anyways.



I've had these earrings for so long, and I honestly can't remember where they're from, but I would hazard a guess at this really cool jewellery boutique I found in London a few years back. I love them because they're gold without being tacky, and the other gold ones I just bought (textured gold disc earrings from Topshop) weigh about 3 tonnes and really really really hurt my ears.



I'm going to a house party for New Years, and the dress code is 'smartish' (I know, right?) Considering wearing these shorts but I'm not decided yet. Thoughts? What are your plans for ringing in 2012?

Loes x

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  1. I love those shorts there amazing!!!