Fendi's new headquarters in Rome, the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, has been playing on Karl Lagerfeld's mind. The linear and protective nature of this collection channeled that. Structured long lines and thick fabrics gave the impression of body armour, something which reflected the fortress style architecture of Fendi HQ. Largerfeld also remarked that he had been concerned with how feminine Fendi's previous collection was and this was a polarized offering. The beaky bird of paradise flowers peeking out of each bag were aggressive, contrasting the clean colours of the clothes. Fur was present in a big way here; mini dresses were swathed in it. The coats at the end of the collection gave the strongest representation of protection. Come winter, they will be all the insulation a girl could need.

  FEN_0125FEN_0109 FEN_0073 FEN_0225 FEN_0313 FEN_0347 FEN_0659 FEN_0851 FEN_0929 FEN_0871 FEN_0951 FEN_0969 FEN_0987

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