Birthday Wishlist

Pretty soon I will be turning 23. I'm not entirely sure how I got this far and I'm still wholly convinced that I shouldn't be this old yet. As you get older birthdays change, but they're always an excuse to do something fun. For this one I'm planning a birthday meal with my housemates at a swanky restaurant, a reunion with my old housemates which will no doubt involve lots of vodka and giggles, and a day with my parents who have shelved their reservations and agreed to visit me at university.

 So here's a little wishlist of the things that I would like the most for my 23rd. If anyone is able to arrange it, I would also like £10 million, a holiday to Croatia and Chris Pine.

1. Biker Jacket by River Island 2. Raffia Boucle Skirt by Topshop
3. Bambi Candy Sunset bikini by Triangl 4. Mineralize Foundation by Mac
5. Rose Gold Bracelet Watch by Olivia Burton 6. Wrap Front Sandals by River Island
7. March Birthstone Ring by Pandora 8. Belt Plate Clutch by Topshop 

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