Christmas Wish List

The beginning of November never really seems the right time to start thinking about Christmas but as Christmas adverts have been released and decorations have gone up in shops, I decided that it wasn't too premature to make a Christmas List.
Due to my complete lack of organisation skills I also need to start planning this early in order to get everything sorted in time. I never usually know what to ask for at Christmas but this year I have hundreds of ideas; these are the ones that are at the top of my list.

1. I'm usually partial to bright colours when it comes to bikinis, but this LBB has crept into my consciousness. I really love the cut on it; it looks very flattering (although maybe that's just on the 6'0' model...). It's an awful lot more than I would want to pay for a bikini, hence why it's on my wish list. 
 Bikini, £305 by Lisa Marie Fernandez at Net-A-Porter

2. Chanel & Gilly Hicks (worlds apart, I know) are my two go-to perfumes but I recently was introduced this new concoction by Carven. There aren't many perfumes that I like, but this one I love and I might have to make my the third go-to fragrace. 
Le Parfum £38 by Carven at Selfridges

3. This skirt looks so perfect for the Christmas party season; I have a few embellished pieces from Topshop in my wardrobe already and they are always my favourites for nights out. I can picture wearing this on Christmas Day paired with an oversized white sweater; only problem being that there won't be too much stretch in it for all that turkey and Christmas pudding!
Skirt, £65 by Topshop 

4. This would be the fourth MK watch in my collection (you can never have to many bags, shoes OR watches, right?) and I love it because it's more delicate that the others which are chronographs. There are so many colour straps but I was having a girly moment and I decided pink would be the best choice. 
Runway Watch, £106 by Michael Kors, at neimanmarcus.com 

5. As a self confessed bag-fiend I can't quite believe that I haven't bought a new bag since MAY. I'm getting bored of all the bags I have in black and I need one that's a little brighter and smaller for the evenings. This red number from Zara (number one stop for bags) looks like it would do just the trick.
Messenger Bag, £39.99 by Zara 

6. These headphones are a fashion-blogger sensation at the moment. I'm hoping for the price that they would sound nice as well as looking nice, and let's be honest, they look nice. Single handedly, my brother has broken every pair of headphones that I've owned for the last five years, so if these beauties materialise in my life I am promising myself that no one will touch them but me!
Taylor Headphones, £169 by Frends at mywardrobe.com

7. Despite the fact that girls can never have too many shoes, I never seem to have enough shoes. I have heels galore, but currently I only have one pair of brogues and one pair of boots and these are intended to get me the whole way through the Winter rain, snow and wind! Ambitious, I know. These loafers from Zara are so nice, and although not too warm, I'm hoping they would be lovely on those non-rain filled Winter days and beyond. 
Loafers, £50 by Zara 

8. Topshop roll out the best in partywear at this time of year with my personal favourites being the embellished dresses and high heels. They've been producing some lovely playsuits recently and this one looks like it would be perfect for a night out or a Christmas party. I love the cut of the neckline, plus it's a steal at just £36!
Playsuit, £36 by Topshop 

9. Okay, so admittedly I do have enough heels but how am I supposed to forget about these? My Mum has already placed these in the 'doorway scraper' category. Unhelpfully this counts for any heels that push me over 6'0, which is anything above 3 inches! But I'm willing to be head and shoulders above my friends if it means I get to wear these beauties! Plus, they're a bargain at £55!
Satin Bow Sandals, £55 by Topshop

10. Samantha Wills is a jewellery designer who has been on my radar for quite a while now. Her pieces are so simple and yet elegant and all are beautifully crafted and presented in their own wooden boxes. Again the prices are a little pushy, but as a gift they're perfect. I couldn't decide which colour was my favourite, so I thought "just choose both"
Bardot Rings, £99 each by Samantha Wills

11. I've been avoiding getting a new iPod for far too long. My old iPod has served me well but but hold broke about three years ago and now the buttons have decided to give up on me too. Running without music isn't fun so I need a replacement ASAP. As I have an iPad I don't need an iPod to play games on; I prefer the look of this iPod anyway. Hoping I can get my name engraved on it like my old iPod too!
iPod Nano 7th Generation, £129 by Apple

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