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I can't lie, this is a trend that I'm having a dilemma with. White heels look good on Karlie Kloss but they tend to remind me of bad outfits in tacky nightclubs. As pretty as they look on the runway and as much as anything by Alexander Wang that glows in the dark is good with me, I can't help feeling that this is a trend that just shouldn't be allowed. Let's consider the reasons why; 

- They look a little bit cheap
- They get dirty easily

Okay, so I got to two reasons. Because despite the fact that I don't want any of my friends to utter the phrase 'Why are you wearing white shoes', I tried a pair on in secret and I liked them. My addiction to white is fighting it out with my fear of Essex connotations and the fact that I will ruin them within ten minutes of wear. But if we just accept that we want to wear white shoes (apart from those Celine ones which should remain runway only, along with the toe shoes) then it makes sense for us to consider our best options. 


1. Aline Sandal by Alexander Wang 2. Lovisa Snake Pump by Alexander Wang 3. Croc Bootie by Derek Lam 4. Leather Sandals by Givenchy 5. Laminated T-Straps by Zara 6. Agata Glow Sandals by Alexander Wang 7. Leather Pumps by Lanvin 

Alexander Wang has pretty much got the white shoe scene sown up right now, but money-wise the best bet is these Zara beauties which are also pretty comfortable and a good height. I'm glad that Derek Lam has put white on these boots too, meaning we will carry our white shoes beyond Spring/Summer.

So even if you have the same gut reaction to me (white = eugh), it's okay to go on and admit it. You love those high straps too. 


  1. I'm a huge fan of whitefootwear they're amazing,they dress up any outfit!


    Carly's Closet

  2. sergio castaño peña20 April 2013 at 15:23

    i really like like like white shoes! are so so stylish!
    such amazing, love your site!


    Sergio, xx

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