Things For May


Hello lovelies! Sorry for being a bit of a lazy bean on the blogging front this past week. I've had a few uni deadlines and on top of that I have half killed my elbow by drunkenly falling over on it. Making me think more than ever that I could do with a helper.

Anyway I thought I would update you on my recent purchases/presents. My trip to NY drained me of funds but I got a beautiful khaki jacket with leather sleeves and a printed H&M dress. When I got back it became apparent that the money bug has hit me, and I just keep buying stuff.

Topshop Dress with a dipped hem that I bought with the intention of wearing to my Summer Ball, but will probably mix and match during the day. Topshop Cardigan purely because I needed a new one, and this was pretty cosy. Asos Zip Bracelet; it's a zip and I need to acessorise more. Topshop Printed Trousers which are fulfilling my daytime pyjama need. Topshop Knitted Tee which is perfect for slouching; I promise that's the last of Topshop. Michael Kors Silver Chronograph which I have wanted  forever. Zara City Bag which is the right size and colour to put all my stuff in, and is good for evenings out. Zara Sandals, to go with the dress naturally. Michael Kors Rose Gold Chronograph because one is never enough.

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