Chanel Cruise 2013


We can always rely on the Kaiser to give us a spectacle when fashion show time comes around; remember when there was a giant gold lion in the Grand Palais? Or the car-sized seashells? Or the volcano? Yeah, exactly. So enter Exhibit A; the Cruise 2013 show, set against the backdrop of what else but the Palace of Versailles. Obviously.

The models (with their Sam McKnight-crafted renaissance hair, and Peter Philips make up) weaved their way down the stone steps and around the trio of fountains in the ugliest flatforms and prettiest dresses Chanel can produce. The flatforms were so ugly that I have declined to post any outfits including them; it's just not right, right? But ignoring these (which we should) there were some beautiful dresses in Chanel's perfected mint/lilac/lemon/sky blue palette, and adorned with crystals and oversized jewellery. The outerwear was tailored and belted, and there were lashings of tweed (note Lindsey and Amyline's outfits) with embellished collars and floor length a-line skirts.
Other highlights included my favourite tacky accessory of the moment, the perpex bag, and the unbeatable floppy summer hat. Possibly the most eye-catching piece of swimwear we'll see this Cruise - a sheer stomached bodysuit in duck egg blue worn by Karmen Pedaru. And my personal highlight of the show, Jon Kortajarena, sporting a sleeveless tux jacket with shorts, acessorised with a black watering can. Let's just say, I'm on edge to see the men in London walking around with watering can in hand.

My personal favourites I hear you cry?
1. The box pleated embellished white dress
2. The lilac print dress with the sheer neckline
3. The quad of contrast baroque dresses that culminated the show (Stella McCartney anyone?).

Also, when the flatforms disappeared, the shoes were pretty as punch. Karl Lagerfeld's royal fountain punch that is; anyone else up for a watering can full of that?

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