New York City

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1| Ivy covered houses in Chelsea 2| 5 Ninth in Meatpacking District 3| Pizza at Bistro Milano 4&5| Times Square 6| Central Park 7| Unisphere at Flushing Meadows Park, Queens 8| Trees in the Financial District 9| Magnolia Bakery's special Bloomingdales cupcake 10| View from the Top of the Rock 11| Cabs on Broadway 12| Pancakes at Oxford Cafe 13| The Sphere, Battery Park 14| DVF, Meatpacking District 15| Skywards in Financial District 16| Cycle hire in Central Park (wearing H&M Dress, Zara Jacket, Topshop Brogues) 17| M&M Fudge from Ellis Island 18&19| Miss Liberty 20| Flowers in Battery Park City 21&22| Tiles for America, 9/11 memorial in West Village 23| Yankees game 24,25&26| Anthropologie, Chelsea Market 27,28&29| Cupcakes at Eleni's, Chelsea Market 30| Chelsea Market Lanters

My six days in New York were beyond amazing. I've always been in love with London and so I was excited at the prospect of another great city and NYC did not disappoint. Everything from the people to the food to the shopping to the views to the buildings to the smells and more was more than what I expected. I was so overwhelmed by the sheer size of the buildings that I was intially in awe, but after a few days I had a real sense of belonging. I just want to go back now and wander around and take photographs forever.


  1. Lovely photos, Im going in summer and your pics have made me so excited! Was the Yankees game worth going to? xo


    1. Ahh lucky you! The Yankees game was so good, plus our tickets were really cheap, I'd definitely give it a look xx

  2. Fabulous photographs, makes me miss New York ever so much...one of the best cities in the world!
    Thank you very much for your comment!