Summer has finally rolled back around to us and the sun is shining over London which means that everyone is happy (or seems to be), there's no matches being rained off at Wimbledon and every Instagram post from the city is looking bluer than blue. This summer I'm not off on a beach holiday (weep weep) but I will be flying to Barcelona (hooray!) for a little city break at the end of July, which promises to be the hottest week of my life so far. I'm on the lookout for cute summer outfits at the moment and I stumbled over this gorgeous playsuit from Topshop. It looks like the perfect piece for a warm summer evening, assuming it doesn't clash with that pasty girl sunburn that I usually get. 

If anyone has any recommendations for where to go/eat/party in Barcelona then please let me know!

Playsuit from Topshop, Sandals from Office, Bag from Jil Sander

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