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Should you ever venture behind the gargantuan Topshop haven on Oxford Street (after spending three hours lost inside) you might just stumble upon something beautiful. That something is called Honest. Honest Burgers are a newish chain of restaurants and boy, do they make a mean burger. After trotting around shopping for hours, my friend Amy and I decided to have a burger break (the best kind of break) and stepped inside Honest for the first time. 

The menu here is pretty straight forward. The focus is on the burgers and you can have your choice of chicken or beef. Naturally, we both chose the cheeseburger because we're addicted to dairy and no good burger is made of chicken. Each lovingly crafted burger comes with rosemary fries which are categorically the best fries ever. The homemade lemonade is also A*, especially as it comes in those oh-so-Instagram-friendly jars with straws. 

The best part of this was the price; we got all this for a measly £11.50 each. Bargain. Compared to other burger joints in the capital this place is a hidden gem. The customer service was excellent; Amy especially approved of the handsome staff. On top of that, the friendly Twitter minions replied to my Tweets and thanked us for visiting. If you're near Oxford Street any time soon, do yourself a favour and pop in here. I will be back as soon as I can.  

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