Hello lovely readers! Sorry for my absence but things have been hectic lately. I've finally finished uni and moved home (mixture of 'yay' and 'boo' here) which means that the horrible time has come: I have to find a job. But I'm excited to start the next chapter, especially if I get a job I like. Anyone looking for a newbie fashion merchandiser/marketer/social media/pr person, I'm here and free!

My friends from uni are also job hunting and one had an interview panic: What To Wear?! I haven't been to an interview in quite a while having always had a summer job at the same place, but it got me to thinking what I would wear. I refuse to go to a job interview wearing a black trouser suit. It has to be formal of course, but I think colours are positive signs in interviews. And as I'm applying for fashion-y jobs it's important to show you have some style!

So this is what I came up with as my ideal interview outfit (job depending of course). The earrings and bag add a little colour, whilst the white blazer would mean I was wearing the key part of my outfits - lots and lots of white. I saw this top on Opening Ceremony's Moda Operandi trunk sale and I love the detail on it. What would you wear to an interview?

Blazer by Chloé, Top by Opening Ceremony, Skirt by Topshop, Earrings & Rings by Zara, PS11 by Proenza Schouler, Pumps by Valentino.

Callie by loeswhite featuring shell jewelry

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  1. Melanie Pangilinan10 July 2013 at 05:00

    I love everything is this post! And I really love PS11 bags. Still need to get my hands on one if that's even possible. Good luck job hunting!

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