We may still be in January and therefore in the depths of winter, rain and chilly winds but to me January is the month where you most look forward to the Summer. My friends and I are already making plans for all the things we're going to entertain ourselves with in the Summer months and I'm working extra hours so I can save up for some adventures (potential second holiday anyone?). This year is hopefully going to involve a brand new direction for me which I am very excited about, but that's not coming until after Summer!

So in the spirit of planning I've done what I always do and thought 'What am I going to wear'. Topshop have some new bralets in at this time of year, which are always great for holidays, festivals or even those super-hot days at home (which hopefully there will be a lot of)! This lace number is my favourite and I for one cannot wait to put away my jumpers and coats and break out the sunnies and shorts!

Bralet by Topshop, Shorts by Levis, Sunglasses by Linda Farrow, Sandals by Chloè, Bag by Rebecca Minkoff

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