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Now I'm a Summer girl. I love beaches and bikinis, ice creams and balmy evenings, shorts and sunnies, suntans and sun bleached hair (you get the picture?). When September rolls around with its rainclouds and falling temperatures I'm not a happy bunny, and I will never get used to how depressing it is to leave work at 5pm in the dark. Living in a country that gets so little of the Summer season makes you love it even more when its (finally) here. 

 But around August we get distracted from this when all of our lovely fashion houses start to drop their Autumn/Winter collection. I recently went shopping for holiday clothes only to be greeted by a barrage of knitwear and jeans. My Mother also threw a near on tantrum in M&S because they hardly had any swimwear left. But this is diverting from the point. 

There are few things I like about Winter (with the main exceptions being Christmas, hot chocolate and ice skating) but one thing I love is Winter dressing. Layering up outfits, investing in thick jumpers and wearing chunky boots to protect from the rain. But the main reason I am looking forward to Winter right now is stemming from this Zara AW13 campaign above. Season upon season Zara produce truly beautiful tailored coats and the year has finally come where I am going to bite the bullet and part with my money. The only tricky part now is to decide when is the best time to buy a coat before Zara stocks sell out, as they so often do. Oh, and that other tricky part of course, choosing which one to buy. 

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  1. Great post - Zara does some fantastic jackets and coats! I can't wait to start my Autumn shopping!


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