Runway Magic

DriesVanNoten SS04 Lanvin Fall 2011 RTW capture-d_c3a9cran-2011-03-11-c3a0-13-48-48 Louis Vuitton SS12 (1) Louis Vuitton FW12 (3) 1_VISIO-4_full-visio Fendi+Great+Wall+China+Fashion+Show+Runway+2InEOiNki3Cl

Sorry for being so lax on the blogging front lately. I've just moved back to uni and settling back in has been a bit hectic; unfortunately blogging has taken a back seat. But I'm back on the ball now and I promise to be much better!

For my dissertation I'm looking at 'fashion spaces'. It's hard to really explain what I mean by the term fashion spaces, but I want to examine how we define, create and shape a fashion space, how we react to a space of fashion, and just how important runway space is in the world of fashion. Personally, I think it is paramount, and most of the interview responses I received seemed to agree with me. These pictures above are a few fashion runway moments that I have picked out as 'sticking in the memory'. These shows had set designs that went above and beyond the necessary and which are memorable for the scene rather than the clothes.

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