Red Flash


I was walking to work the other day, stressed out and sleepy, when I saw a woman pass me, and thought 'now that is some killer styling'. 

She was wearing a sleeveless leather gilet over a white shirt, plain yet crisp. Her bottom half bore red and blue diamond print trousers, which I have spent the last two hours trying to find, to no avail. And on her feet were red courts. The whole outfit just popped, and I spent the rest of the day thinking 'I need to recreate this outfit'. 

So here is my attempt, woefully inadequate in the trouser department. But I would still love to wear this, especially to work. Thus, I am endeavouring to get myself a leather gilet ASAP.

Topshop Gilet, Topshop Shirt, Topshop Trousers, Zara Sling Backs, Victoria Beckham Clutch

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