One Wish

18th January

And the tragedy is that I'm not allowed to buy anything. I was apparently "out of control" with my spending last term (which I think was mainly on fancy dress) so my mother has decided to take control of my finances for the next 12 weeks. Weep. However these are the things that I want to buy with my loan, and if I had control of it, would have got me in debt already.

1. MOTO High Waist Hotpant - £28 from Topshop
2. Black Buckle Backpack - £30 from Topshop
3. Le Vernis in May - £17.50 from Chanel
4. MASON Leather Strap Flat Shoes - £85 from Asos.com
5. Knitted Circle Foil Jumper - £38 from Topshop
6. Leather Jacket - £642 from Marni (yes, this one is wayyyy out of the price range)
7. MOTO Stripe High Waist Hotpant - £32 from Topshop
8. Pyramid Metal Tip Clutch - £15 from Asos.com

Also all of the new skirts on net-a-porter.com this morning were 'ahhh' inducing, especially two D&G tulle concoctions which I cannot imagine how to style, but they would still make me feel like a princess.

Loes x

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